Michael V Kalaphates

Michael V Kalaphates
   Emperor (q.v.) from 1041-1042. His father was a caulker (Kalaphates [q.v.]), hence the popular epithet he acquired. His mother was the sister of Michael IV (q.v.). Zoe (q.v.) was forced to adopt him and make him caesar (q.v.) and heir-apparent prior to Michael IV's death in 1041. Once emperor he banished John the Orphanotrophos (q.v.) and Zoe. Having banished his family, Michael tried to find a base of support in the citizens of Constantinople (q.v.). Instead, their loyalty to Zoe produced a popular revolt in the capital that dethroned Michael V. Psellos (q.v.) provides a chilling, almost surreal, description of the vicious mob that took control of the capital and executed Michael V.

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